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In 2015 we started as a goat milking farm/rescue. We spent 3 years building our farm and goat heard. In April of 2018 a wildfire started on I-25 on a very windy day it travel 15 miles in 8 minutes. We loaded up about 60 animals but had to leave another 60 behind. We had an officer help us set everyone free but because everything was already burning he told us to get out before the worse part of the fire hit. I had my 2 kids and 60 animals in my truck. We grab all the small and disabled animals. We drove through 4 sets of barbed wire fencing to get out to a road. When we returned that night most of the goat heard was killed and we lost all our pot belly pigs. Everyone else was burned and hurt. At that point the goat milking farm was gone. The only thing left standing on our property was our house. Thank God for our house. Because the house was still standing it gave us hope and the ability to keep rescuing animals. The goat farm was gone so we spent 8 months cleaning up and working on making the ranch a nonprofit. Now we have been a nonprofit for 2 years. In one more year we can start asking for grants. We plan on doing wild horse rescues in the future as soon as we can build stalls for them. Right now we take in farm animals from individual people who need help with there animals. All the old and disable animals stay right here on the ranch. The young and health animals do get rehomed to make room for new animals that need help. All animals get rehomed as pets or farm animals. Never as meat. 

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