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Peanut's Story

When peanut was born she was born as a premie and was half the size of her other two siblings. Despite being rejected by her mom and being super small she was full of love and life. 

When she was 4 months old she broke her leg. It was an open wound fracture and she needed it amputated. No animal hospital would take her they all said to euthanize her. I was not going to except that! So I kept pushing on and found the animal college in Ft. Collins that help us. They did a great great job and Peanut healed fast. 

Peanut is now a healthy happy 3 legged goat that does what ever she wants. Having 3 legs does not slow her down. She is now a proud mama of a baby girl named Pee Wee!



A monthly donation of ten dollars provides electricity and running water to the barns, especially during the winter months. 


A monthly donation of twenty five dollars provides food. 


A monthly donation of fifty dollars provides inoculations, hoof trims and various vet care. 

Farm animal rescue education zoo.

Any amount

Any amount donated is much appreciated and will go towards general operating, maintenance and daily costs. 

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