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Nellie's Story

Nellie is a one year old beef cow. One night on the beef farm they had a pack of wild dogs attack their calf's. Nellie was one of those calf's that were attacked. Her hips were broken and one of our vet friend took her into her own home and tried to heal her. Sadly Nellie didn't heal to well. She now walks on 3 legs but she does great getting around. Nellie is a very friendly cow that loves to be petted and getting lots of attention.

Farm animal rescue education zoo.


A monthly donation of ten dollars provides electricity and running water to the barns, especially during the winter months. 


A monthly donation of twenty five dollars provides food. 


A monthly donation of fifty dollars provides inoculations, hoof trims and various vet care. 

Any amount

Any amount donated is much appreciated and will go towards general operating, maintenance and daily costs. 

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