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Spike's Story

Spike was purchased in 2018 as a pet. He was banned and disbudded. The breeder used acid paste to disbud him.  They did't do it right so Spike now has one horn that grows to the side and a little tiny one that breaks. 

Spike was sold to a family as a mini Alpine but he was not. He grew to big to be a pet.

Spike came to us in 2020 and has been a great addition to our ranch. He is very sweet and loving. 

He will remain here on the ranch for life because he can not cool off his body with his messed up horns. Goats run there blood threw there horns to cool their bodies off. With out their horns goats can't cool them selfs, defend them selfs, or scratch there own backs.


A monthly donation of ten dollars provides electricity and running water to the barns, especially during the winter months. 


A monthly donation of twenty five dollars provides feed. 


A monthly donation of fifty dollars provides inoculations, hoof trims and various vet care. 

Any amount donated is much appreciated and will go towards general operating, maintenance and daily costs. 

Any amount

Farm animal rescue education zoo.

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